Summoners War Dragons Lair Guide


In Cairos Dungeon division, Dragons-Lair is one of the toughest dungeons a player can get into. Even so, the rewards of achieving this stage are wonderful provided that you can defeat all the monsters. Players are awarded using a random type of Rune.

Runes offered include Revenge, Shield, Focus, Guard, Violent, and Endure Runes. Beside the above runes, you can also expect drops which include Summoning and Shape-shifting Stones, Mystical and Unknown Scrolls, Rainbowmon Stars, Rune Pieces and Symbol of Chaos, Harmony, and Transcendence.

Game Battles

You need to fight five-rounds of battle in Dragons-Lair. These include Two Small-Crystals and Two Large-Crystals in Round 1, Three Large-Crystals in Round 2, Two Large-Crystals and a Small Dragon-Monster in Round 3, Two Small-Crystals and Three Large-Crystals in Round 4, and a Legendary Dragon-Monster and his Two Towers, in the Last Round.

The Dragons will show the following skills that you must be able to encounter:

• Disaster – The monster will manage a deadly counter-attack when his tower is destroyed.
• Enraged Roar – The monster will attack all foes and will cause Continuous-Damage in three turns. Damage will get bigger if the rival has a harmful effect.
• Fury (Dragon’s Fury) – When HP gets below thirty percent, the attack-power of the monster will grow to a great extent.

The Right-Crystals varies but the Left-Crystals will always be unpredictable. They cause Continuous-Damage to all rivals in only three turns.

Stages In This Game

The game has ten-stages and includes the following:

• B1 – The first stage: Include the Assault-Crystal that causes a lot of damage on only one enemy.
• B2 – Second Stage: Include the Strengthening Attach-Crystal that increase Boss’s Attach-Power by three turns.
• B3 – Third Stage: Include the Strengthening Defense-Crystal which increase Boss’s Defense-Power by three-turns.
• B4 – Fourth Stage: Include the Weaken Defense-Crystal which lowers Defense of all rivals by two turns.
• B5 – Fifth Stage: Include the Weaken Attach-Crystal which lowers the Attack Power of all foes for two turns.
• B6 – Sixth Stage: Include the Shock-Crystal. This stuns an enemy by one turn.
• B7 – Seventh Stage: Include the Strengthening Attack Crystal which improves Boss Attack-Power by three turns.
• B8 – Eighth Stage: Include the Invincible-Crystal that reduces all damage on Boss to zero by two turns.
• B9 – Ninth Stage: Include the Acceleration-Crystal which increase Boss’s Attach-Bar by a particular amount.
• B10 – Last Stage: Include the Immunity-Crystal that removes Boss’s harmful-effect and permits immunity by three turns.

Tips / Strategies

You need to allow healers within your team in order to remove harmful-effects and also have an AOE heal, since monsters will cause a lot of damage several times. Removing damage improves your life and keeps you going.

Some of the Monsters that will help you do this include Wind Yeti, Water Howl, and all types of Fairy Monsters. You are recommended to use any monster that is capable of protecting you from damage.

Attach the Boss directly in Stage five since he will be counter-attacking any monster that wants to destroy the Towers, causing extensive damage. You will want to kill it with rage – with continuous-damage (CD). But note that Towers and the Boss himself are highly resistant to damage, or can freeze, arose again and arouse more effects. So aim them wisely.

Summoners War Dragons Lair is an amazing dungeon in SW and everyone is advised to play.

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